Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority

We, the team of E-CamGirls, treat the privacy of our visitors extremely seriously. Any information we gathered through (hereinafter, “the Site”, “the Website”, or “”) is treated with the respect to your privacy rights: the personally-identifying data you provide while exploiting the Site is under protection. This Privacy Policy applies to the Website and has been developed to clarify what kind of data we might collect on the Site, how this data might be used, and what kind of conditions might lead to the disclosure of the data to third parties. This Privacy Policy covers only the data which we gather with the help of the Website: any information we collect from other sources is not influenced by this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use constitute the set of rules, rights, and obligations you are expected to follow and abide by when utilizing the Website. In certain cases, you might be asked to accept additional terms.

The Site Visitors

The Website regularly aggregates the information that does not identify the personality of the user. This data is usually being made available by browsers and servers. The disclosed information includes the type of the browser exploited, the language selected, site references, the time and date a particular user visits the Site. The reason why such non-personally-identifying data is being collected and perceived as important is that it helps us to find out how our clients exploit the Website. This kind of information might be occasionally released in a form of an aggregated database or in a form of a generalized report reflecting the key trends in the exploitation of We also collect some sort of personally-identifying data. Those users who log in to the Site and those who post their commentaries on the Website have their IP addresses detected and recorded. This information would be disclosed only in the selected cases and under conditions which are listed below.

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Data

To some extent, the disclosure of personally-identifying information depends on the Site visitors. Some activities on require providing the additional data. For instance, when users decide to post their reviews they are supposed to sign in and provide their email addresses and usernames. We will gather this information and keep it. But not all the users are obliged to provide us with such data.


We are doing our best to guarantee you a decent level of data protection: we exploit the tools that help us to protect your personal information from leakage and misuse. However, you should remember that we cannot give you 100% guarantee that your data would not be compromised. You should be aware that when you share any information on the Web or store any files online you face certain risks.

Adverting on the Site

We cooperate with several advertising partners and their ads may occasionally appear on the Site. Usually, the cookie files are being utilized. It means that every time when you see an ad on the Website the advertising server detects your computer or gadget and collects certain information about you or the one exploiting your computer or gadget at the moment. The information gathered in such way helps companies to provide you with targeted ads that, supposedly, reflect your interests and fit your needs. According to this Privacy Policy, the exploitation of cookies by external parties is not regulated – only the use of cookies by the Site is covered.

Links to External Sites

On the Website, you may see links redirecting you to the external platforms. When you click on such link and open the page, we assume to have no responsibility for the outcome. We have no control over the content and policies of the third parties sites and all the consequences of visiting such sites are your own responsibility. We recommend you to be cautious, to check out privacy policies and terms of use of every new site you visit.

Utilization of Google Ads

Those who have already visited may see the ads of our services among Google search results or on the websites of third parties. Hence, we use the information about your previous visits to offer you to come back again and continue cooperation with us. We collect the data on your previous activity due to cookies. Third parties and Google do the same. These actions do not threat your privacy as any data gathered with the help of cookies will be used exclusively in the ways that are consistent with our Privacy Policy and privacy policy of Google. Therefore, none of your privacy rights are under the threat of violation. You can manage the ads Google shows you by changing settings at Google Ad Preferences page. If you are not interested in any ads at all you have a chance to refuse seeing advertising – you have to alter cookies settings or apply specific plug-ins for your browser.

Personally-Identifying Data: Selective Protection

There are only two cases when we disclose information which is truly or potentially personally-identifying to third parties, our own employees and contractors or the actors we are affiliated with. Thus, we share such data if: It is required to guarantee the proper functioning of the Website and the availability of all the functions; The third party gave a promise not to transmit the information further. In some case, people we share the data with are being located in geographically remote areas. If you keep on using we assume that you agree on the transfer of your data to the countries where third parties are being located. There are no cases in which we sell or rent your truly or potentially personally-identifying data. The only additional reason why such information might be disclosed lies within the legal field: if we receive a subpoena, any request from a court or government we are obliged to disclose your data. Also, in a case we consider you to be a threat to the safety of the Website, its property or rights, we preserve our right to make your data available to third parties or the general public. Considering you created an account at the Site, your email address has been added to our list of contacts. Therefore, we might send you letters informing you about the latest functions and services we offer, asking you to take part in a survey or to provide your feedback, or letting you know about the general news considering our Site and products. We will not overwhelm you with our emails as usually we post all the essential information in our blog which you can find on the Website. Considering you contact us directly and ask to solve a certain issue we might post your request and the solution we offer in order to let the other users know how they may deal with the identical problem. We are doing our best to eliminate any risks and situations in which your truly or potentially personally-identifying data might be somehow compromised – accessed by unauthorized individuals, used without your permission, changed or deleted.

Aggregated Statistics

When you exploit the Site we collect certain statistic data concerning behavior and actions of the Website visitors. This statistic information may be disclosed and shared publicly only in a generalized and aggregated form. It means that none of your personally-identifying data would be disclosed separately.

Affiliate Disclosure

We admit placing affiliate links on the Website. Some of them bring us commission but the fact that we benefit from links does not mean that the prices you pay or the very process of purchasing any services is being somehow affected.


As we want you to benefit from our services fully, we utilize so-called “Cookies” which allow us to follow your activity on the Website, trace your preferences and provide you with personalized content (e.g., advertising which you see displayed in Google search results). The idea behind cookies is pretty simple: whenever you visit the Site information about the session is being saved on your computer and next time when you enter the Website again your browser transmits the data about your visit to the Site. Hence, we got an opportunity to monitor who visits our Website, to find out the patterns of exploitation, and to detect the main preferences of the visitors. If you do not want your browser to store cookies you may change the standard settings. As the result, we would not get an access to your activity but you should be informed that some functions of the Website might fail to work properly when cookies are not being applied. If you do not alter the basic settings we assume that you understand that we use cookies and that you agree on that.

Alterations in Privacy Policy

We keep our right to alter this Privacy Policy. The possible changes are likely to be minor and to some extent insignificant. Anyway, we recommend you to look through this Privacy Policy on a regular basis in order not to miss any alteration that might somehow affect you. In a case, a particular change was mentioned in this Privacy Policy and after that you kept on visiting the Site we assume that you agree with the alteration and accept it.